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Outer C.V.Joint
This is a sample Outer C. V. Joint for OPEL. which is made of carefully selected materials and has passed many precisely designed procedures and several tests before it was delivered to our customers.GSP Company produces &…
Inner C.V.Joint
This sliding joint for the drive shaft is made of a quite different disigning idea, which has balls move in the oblique tracks, so as to transmit the torque. It can have a 22 turning angle, larger than the TJ type of…
Drive Shaft
This is the optimum sliding joint for the drive shaft, of which such high performance is demanded, it is attracting attention as a constant velocity joint offering the solution to noise vibration and harshness is 4WD vehic…
Hub Assembly
The main function of Auto hub is to bear the weight of vehicle and provide accurate direction for hub transmission.The hub is a very important safety part which will bear the axial load and the radial load.To adapt to…
Also called bellows, these are the protective rubber (synthetic or natural) or hard plastic (usually Hytrel) covers that surround CV joints. The boot's job is to keep grease in and dirt and water out. Split, torn or other…