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GSP "Study Tour" to Semir

Release time : 2022 07 01


Ni Zhenzhen, executive dean of GSP Academy, led a team of 32 exceptional  trainees from the company's Qingguan Class (class for young managers),  Qianlong Class (class for potential talents), and publicity team visited Semir company on June 30, 2022, to explore Semir's corporate culture and logistics warehousing in an effort to improve corporate cultural exchanges and broaden the perspectives of employees.


The main streams rise when the small stream is high

The trainees first went to the headquarters building, where Huang Tingting,  a cultural interpreter, and Zhang Jiesheng, the director of the Semir Party group office, welcomed the visitors and guided them to the cultural exhibition hall and the party building section.

Huang Tingting stated that Semir's business ethos is "The Main Streams Rise When the Small Stream is High", and that only via mutually beneficial cooperation will an end goal be achieved. 


Huang Tingting and trainees


The trainees had a deeper understanding of Semir's development process and cultural concepts as a result of Huang Tingting's explanations  throughout the tour.

Huang Tingting largely discussed Semir's party-building strategy centered around the "Five Roles" and the "Five Roles" Work Guide in the party-building segment, which served as a great source of inspiration for us.


Intelligent Logistics Warehouse

Subsequently, the receptionist Wang Linlin led the trainees to visit the Semir Group Logistics district.

In the logistics park, the robot that transports goods on the spot attracts the attention of the trainees. These logistics robots are responsible for the delivery of goods in the Semir warehouse, which can greatly save manpower.


  Logistic robot


The visit allowed the trainees to learn more about intelligent warehousing and logistics thanks to the warehouse's smart board, screw conveyor system, box review system, and other features that enabled intelligent transportation and dynamic management.

In the process of guidance and explanation, Manager Ye Xiayu gave detailed answers to the unclear points of the visiting trainees, so that the students could clarify the operation content of the entire intelligent system.


Visiting the intelligent warehouse


Everyone has expanded the their horizons during the visit of Semir Enterprise. All the trainees have received a great deal of new ideas from Semir's corporate culture, party atmosphere, and group dynamics, which has greatly advanced our understanding of intelligent logistics warehouse management. The trainees claimed to have learned a lot and promised to combine their efforts upon their return to help the organization reach its target of 100 million.


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