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GSP Europe
GSP Europe GmbH was established early 2007. People with decades of automotive aftermarket experience take care of our customers and their requirements. We are the first contact for our European customers and we are the link between the needs of our customers and the head office in China.
Our main goal is to establish long lasting and sustainable partnership between our customers and GSP. The multi-lingual team here looks after different customer’s requirements in all European countries.
Warehouse in Hamburg / Germany
For years we are cooperating with ELBEX – our logistics partner in Hamburg. We supply our customers not only from China but also from our warehouse in Hamburg. Hence our customers do have access to quick availability and to small batches of individual items. The range available from Hamburg is also permanently being enlarged and up-dated.
Orders can be placed directly with our logistics partner. ELBEX confirms the orders directly in our name, picks the goods, packs the parts and arranges for dispatch to our customers. The invoice is being sent by ELBEX on behalf and in the name of GSP Europe.
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