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Logistic Services
GSP offers not only competitive products but also logistical services enabling the customers to reduce cost for logistics and inventories. GSP keeps inventories in several warehouses including China, North America (East Coast and West Coast) and Germany (for Europe).
Sophisticated ERP systems and internal processes guarantee availability and shipping dates on time all over the places. We are cooperating with first class partners in forwarding, shipping, transportation and logistics.
Customers and Customer Service
GSP supplies more than 280 customers around the world. Amongst these customers you find mostly national distributors and members of major marketing groups like TEMOT INTERNATIONAL – AUTO DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL , AUTO TEILE RING-GROUP, AUTO UNION and many others of national and international levels. In addition GSP also cooperates with other manufacturers; even those supplying the car industry.

In North America, South America and in Europe GSP employs senior managers coming from premium parts manufacturers with many years of experience in the automotive aftermarket. These experts and the skilled team in China offer excellent customer service and professional advice to our customers.
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